Advertising On Facebook

Hands-On Workshop For Beginners & Intermediate Learners

3rd – 10th December, 2018

to pay in USD please contact me akathmadevi@

10 am – 1 pm IST
3 pm – 6 pm ACDT

Dec 3rd – 10th

USD 70
INR 5000


Virtual Live Sessions

What You’ll Get In This Bootcamp


  • A one-on-one call/chat to understand and customize the Bootcamp content prior to the start date.
  • A set of ebooks & templates to get you prepared for the Bootcamp
  • It is a hands-on Bootcamp. You’ll create, measure and analyse your ad.
  • Just not the terminology or how-to kind of topics, but also the mindset an advertiser should have.
  • Breaking down your business goals into advertising strategy
  • Download the 3 page course structure for detail course contents
  • Lifetime access to the recordings of the Bootcamp
Click on the button for PDF to open in a new tab. It is a 4 page course structure. No optin required.
  • 2.03 B Monthly active users & 1.03 B Daily active users.
  • Out of these 2.03 B Monthly active users, 1.73 B are Mobile Monthly active users.
  • 400 new users sign up on Facebook every day.
  • On an average, people spend 35 mins on Facebook every day.
  • On an average people access Facebook 8 times a day.
  • More than 60 Million businesses have a Facebook page.
  • Out of which 3 Million businesses are using Facebook ads.
Even the best of the best Facebook pages have only 2 to 8% of organic reach. Let’s accept the fact that organic reach is really low. Facebook clearly stated Newsfeed algorithm is designed to reduce reach for promotional posts. This is not to make life difficult for a marketer/business owner but to make life easier for a Facebook user. Facebook strives on user base and user satisfaction.

Friends, if you are not advertising on Facebook yet, it is the time!

This Workshop Is Designed With Limited Seats. For Better Performance.

Hey there, I’m Akathma Devi. (you can call me AD). I heard a lot of business owners saying Facebook advertising doesn’t work for their business, or sale doesn’t happen on Facebook. Friends, let me tell you, Facebook advertising is the only best platform of all the paid marketing platforms in the online world right now. Best in both performance as well as costs. When done right!

Facebook is a platform managed by algorithms which delivers customized content to each user. Its broad targeting options, eleven different ads to serve your business objectives, multiple placements to place your ad, bidding and ad delivery system makes it unique.

Cost of the 7 hour hands-on workshop is USD 70 which is
INR 5000/-
Limited Seats Only.

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