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What is #RubhuSocial Tweet Chat?

Dear Solopreneurs, small business owners and social media marketing enthusiasts,
I invite you to join us for the season-2 of #RubhuSocial Twitter chat. On every Tuesday at 9:00 pm IST (Click here to check in your time zone), there will be an hour of sharing, learning and networking on Twitter with hashtag #RubhuSocial. We had 138 chats in our previous season on various topics related to social media marketing. Occasional guests and guest hosts as well.  This season, we are trying to be a bit different. How?

    • We will have discussions on marketing topics which solopreneurs/small businesses can directly relate to, learn and share.
    • Hypothetical Scenario – We will come up with a scenario and questions to which we all as a community can pitch in our ideas and learnings.
    • Case analysis – We shall pick up any social media campaign or brand to discuss, learn and inspire.
    • Industry updates – We all know that it is not that easy to keep ourselves updated and learn the new as fast as this industry is evolving. And the best learning comes when we as a community share and learn.
    • Live analysis – We are keeping our gates open to any solopreneur, small business or any upcoming entrepreneur If you are looking for a public opinion or a community to throw ideas & opinions on your concept, let me know. We shall plan a chat to discuss your ideas or audit your existing social platforms.
    • Guest host – Like we had in the previous season and we felt good when newbies could come, and host. It just gives a different vibe to the chat.
    • Guests – We are constantly looking for awesome guests who could share their experiences, learnings with the community. Believe, you have something to share, don’t think twice to ping me. I am just a tweet or DM away.
    • Open mic – Once in a while we will also have an open mic chat. Where anyone can ask anything to the community. That means we are not going typically by Q&A nor focusing on one particular topic. So, anything about marketing can be asked and as a community. We shall be nice to everyone, ask, answer, share and learn together.
    • Sponsors – We accept sponsorships. Anyone interested in being a sponsor, kindly write to me at akathmadevi@rubhusocial.com to discuss further.

We believe in community!

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