Hi, I am Akathma Devi, (You can call me AD). A coach, social media marketing strategist, analytics-driven marketer, and a lifetime learner.

Having started my career as an entrepreneur, and also working with corporates in between as a digital marketer, I completely understand the life and needs of an entrepreneur and of a corporate employee.

Now, I am here, as a coach. To be able to help business owners learn and run their own digital marketing. They need to. Since there are a lot more benefits to having digital marketing in-house or semi-inhouse.

What all I do,

  • Social Media 1-on-1 Coaching
  • Social Media Workshops.
  • Host a weekly Twitter chat. Join us with the hashtag #RubhuSocial
  • Interesting hacks, tips, and resources on my Facebook page.

This website will be up very soon! With all the details. Meanwhile, let me notify you of the ongoing activities.